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Art Battle: Paints the Halls!

I recently had the honour of taking part in Art Battle:  Paint the Halls.  It was a fundraiser for Women’s College Hospital, currently being re-developed after many years of serving the community.

The event consisted of 75 Artists, each creating a 6″ x 6″ painting in the halls of the now empty hospital.  We had 75 minutes to complete our piece.  Here’s how mine went down:

First off I quickly sketched out my composition:


Next, I created a wash and started “inking” in my outlines.  The paint didn’t have time to dry so there was some fun dripping and messiness happening.



I worked away like crazy for the 75 minutes… lots of colour and big brush strokes were used.


An enthusiastic crowd turned out for the event.  Backed by some awesome DJ beats, there was definitely excitement in the air.


Here’s the finished piece!  Prints are now available through Women’s College Hospital with all proceeds going to the ongoing fundraising for the rebuild.


Lots of thanks to Art Battle, Women’s College Hospital and everyone involved in putting on this great event.  Thanks also to everyone who came out and supported the Artists and hospital.  It was an experience to roam the halls of a hospital during a live painting show!